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Mathews Brothers Boats


"A big factor in our choice was that this boat is designed and built local to the Chesapeake Bay Region. It is wonderful to be invited to participate in the process of the boat's construction and to be able to work directly with the owners and builders."

Stephen Jordan and Janet McCubbin
Owners of Moxie, Blackwater 29
Alexandria, VA

Mathews Brothers has been building boats since 1995 when the Hampton One Design Class approached them and wanted them to build their boats. We built 19 boats for them and went on to build Mathews Brothers Boats from there. Each boat is fully customized and built to the owner's requests!

We use only the best of today's hi-tech boat building materials. There are no wooden stringers, no wooden framing, no wooden cockpit floors, nor are there any structural plywood bulkheads. Our hulls are solid FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), a material ideally suited to high stress environments subject to thermal cycling situations where optimum structural properties are desired. All components are either molded fiberglass pieces or constructed using a combination of fiberglass and PVC core materials, including the cockpit liner (floor). Where supports are needed, they are fabricated of aluminum, PVC core or fiberglass; not wood.
Mathews Brothers boats are built to last.

If You're Interested in building a New MathewsBros boat, please send us a New Boat Inquiry

Watch the progress of a Mathews 40' Boat being Built