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Secure Your Boat in Our Indoor Storage Facility

Boat Storage

We pride ourselves on our winter boat storage program almost as much as we do building boats. MathewsBros offers dock to dock service to our customers: When you're finished boating for the season, we'll pick your boat up at the dock, haul out out, winterize her and tuck her into our secure storage building. As spring rolls around, we'll detail her to your desired level of cleanliness and deliver her back to your dock! Or, if you prefer, take the cruise up the Beautiful Choptank River to Mathews Landing in Denton, MD.


"MathewsBros offer many services but the one that I most appreciated was their ability to winterize and store Bay Tripper in one of their buildings over the winter. Keeping her so well protected made the re-commissioning process in the spring a slam dunk. MathewsBros would also touch up the varnish on the teak so every year it was like I was getting Bay Tripper for the first time!"
Ken Thompson
​Williamsburg, VA

Indoor Boat Storage

Should you be interested in a clean, dry, totally enclosed environment for your boat that will protect it from the elements without the need for shrink wrap, we encourage you to reserve a space in our Indoor Boat Storage Facility. We can store boats, including trailer, up to 13'6" height and 14' wide. Pricing is $7.25 per sq ft (overall length* x overall beam) for the 6 month winter season. Should you decide to store your boat through the summer, the price is $3.65 per sq ft for 6 months.

*Overall length and overall beam includes outboards and trailers if applicable

Covered Boat Storage

Covered Storage is the next option in which your boat would be stored in an open shed providing some protection from inclement weather. Winter & Summer pricing is $4.00 per lineal ft per month.

Outdoor Boat Storage

NEW! $30 Flat Rate for all trailered boats

Your boat is stored in a secure fenced location for $3.00 lineal foot. If your boat is under 35’ and on its own trailer, the rate is $30/month. Full services are available; winterization, engine service, shrink wrap, etc.

Your Boat stays dry and protected from the Winter Elements in our Boat Storage Buildings
Your Boat stays dry and protected from the Winter Elements in our Boat Storage Buildings


You can sign up through our contact forms and we will have paperwork waiting for you when you drop off your boat. If you would like to get a head start, please click on the links below to download our storage forms and either complete digitally with Adobe or print and complete; ​Return via email, mail or fax.

Not feeling like doing any of that? Call us to talk with a real person that can get you set up today!

Mathews Brothers Boat Storage Contract 2020.21.pdf


If completing digitally, Adobe PDF reader is required. It can be downloaded for free here.